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Don't feel like figuring it out...Leave the designing to the designer. 

 These packages can stand alone or can be easily customized with just a touch of floral to fit your theme or color palette.

...Don't see your theme? 

Reach out to talk about ways to customize these designs by adding or 

mix and match the packages to better fit your event needs.

Decor packages are great options

for any of the following scenarios...

  • A corporate client who doesn't have enough time to get bogged down with the details of the design.

  • Someone who is stressing out because they never knew there was even a difference between white and ivory until they started getting into the details of their event.

  • The D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) bride or groom who is beginning to realize how expensive buying all the hard goods to create their special vision is and wished there was a place that they could just rent them.

  • The D.I.Me (Do It for Me) bride or groom would rather trust a professional designer then themselves to handle what looks good so they can just enjoy the event.

  • Rehearsal dinner decor, shower decor, graduation or birthday party decor

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